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Macremphytus tarsatus on dogwood © R. E. Forkner
Rebecca at Seneca Rocks

Mason's Plant-Insect Laboratory

A Word from Dr. Forkner

Welcome to the Plant-Insect Interactions Laboratory at George Mason University.  Our research is a part of the Integrative Biology focus in the Department of Biology.  We think and dream big but love small taxa.

Research Interests

Members of our laboratory investigate interactions between terrestrial plants and their many herbivores to understand how those interactions structure the broader ecological communities in which they are embedded.  We undertake manipulative field experiments, often in combination with laboratory chemical analyses, to determine how insects respond to or alter plants, and then examine subsequent changes in plant and/or insect growth, survival, phenology, species interactions, or biological diversity.  In addition, we apply hypotheses regarding community structure to the investigation of other aspects of integrative biology, including field experiments in below-ground communities, forensic entomology, predator-prey interactions, and endangered species conservation.  



4400 University Drive.

Department of Biology, MSN 3E1

Fairfax, VA 22030

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